Duncan Keith – The Best on the Blackhawks

Alan Rasof photo of Duncan Keith blackhawksAs we all know, the Chicago Blackhawks took home the 2015 Stanley Cup last week on June 15th. But, who proved to be the best player throughout the final rounds in the tournament? Most people would immediately jump to Toews, Crawford, and Kane, but according to an article recently published by USA Today, “Duncan Keith is the best player on the Chicago Blackhawks right now,” (Jhaveri, Not you, Patrick Kane. Or you, Jonathan Toews). So, why does Duncan Keith deserve this title? Here are some of the many reasons:

First, Keith’s undeniable stamina and fortitude as a defenseman throughout the post-season play are what made many fans and spectators look to him as MVP. During the Wednesday night Game 6 Western Conference Final, Keith’s efforts really came into light as he assisted the first 3 goals for the Blackhawks within a span of 3 minutes and 45 seconds. Keith played for an impressive 28 minutes and 35 seconds throughout the crucial game over the Ducks.

According to the USA Today article, “While Keith didn’t notch a goal, he was still the best player on the ice, using speed, skisl, patience, and toughness to help the Blackhawks to a win,” (Jhaveri, Not you, Patrick Kane. Or you, Jonathan Toews). Keith’s initial long pass to Kane ended in Sadd’s goal, putting the Blackhawks first on the board for the night. Then, Keith maneuvered his way through the Anaheim defensive with a double pump fake which led to Marian Hossa’s goal, shortly followed by his ability to keep the puck in the Blackhawks zone that quickly followed by the third goal placed by Kane.

Alan Rasof -DuncanKeith

Furthermore, “With 16:40 left in the third period and the Blackhawks clinging to a one goal lead, Keith also made the save of the night on Corey Perry. There’s not much else Keith could have done to help the Blackhawks win,” (Jhaveri, Not you, Patrick Kane. Or you, Jonathan Toews). Keith’s consistency during this game carried on throughout the remainder of the tournament, proving that great players, not just great scorers, are what leads a team to winning a championship game.

For more information on what makes Duncan Keith one of hockey’s greatest players, read USA Today’s article here.