Alan Rasof: For the Love of the Game

Born and raised in a northern suburb of Chicago, Illinois, Alan Rasof grew up surrounded by some of the most well-known titans of the professional athletic space. The Chicago Bulls, the Chicago Bears, and the Chicago White Sox all were representative of the city he once called home.  His fandom for said teams was cultivated early on, and have been present throughout his adult life.

Growing up with 3 brothers, Rasof came from an extremely active household.  Safe to say there was always a game of some sort going on- both inside and outside of the house, much to his mother’s chagrin! He was also an athlete throughout grade school & high school, ever the team player and dedicated teammate. While he was not a college athlete, he frequented the sporting events of DePaul University with his friends and remained a dedicated fan of the Blue Demons (DePaul’s mascot). As a Division One school, DePaul boasts a number of strong athletic teams and a devoted fan-base.  Men’s teams include Basketball, which competes within the Big East Conference, as well as cross country, golf, soccer, tennis, and track & field.  As for women’s teams, all of the aforementioned are included, with the exception of golf and inclusion of a softball team.

His fervor for the sports teams of Chicago stems not only for his love of athletics and sports at large, but also the fact that these teams pose as a huge representation of his home town and the city he knows and loves.  These sports teams- primarily the Bulls and the Bears- are symbolic of his pride in Chicago and everything the city has to offer. Beyond that, it doesn’t hurt that they’re both strong teams that can be counted on for entertaining games! He enjoys getting together with friends and family to watch these games, and attends home games for both the Bulls and the Bears whenever he can.

Outside of his affinity for athletics, Alan Rasof is a passionate advocate of the March of Dimes and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, as he has personal connections to both causes. He has a grandson with Cerebral Palsy, and he lost his mother to breast cancer. He participates in fundraising efforts and events whenever possible and is a consistent donor to these organizations.

Professionally, Mr. Rasof is the president of Amigo Managing General Agency, a boutique firm that seeks to advise independent agents and insurance customers.  Ever the extrovert, he excels in this role as he is able to work one-on-one with individuals to create unique packages for payment and coverage plans that will address and protect their specific situation.  He speaks both English and Spanish, which enables his him to work with a broader client base and thus service a greater number of hard-working individuals. He also enjoys travel and spending time with his family.